The red ovals show the location of underground bomb shelters that were built soon after the attack on Aruba by U-156.  Most of these bunkers were filled in after World War II but maybe a couple are still open.  If you go exploring and find one of these bunkers filled in, or open, please send me a description and photo if possible, I will post it on this page.  Thanks, Dan Jensen, dje9537459@austin.rr.com

These were holes dug in the coral, about 10ft. by 25ft. by 10 ft. deep, with steps down and a steel door into the bunker.  A concrete bench ran around three sides of the room.  There was no electric light in the bunker.

The bomb shelters, noted on the map, are underground, as opposed to above ground, as show.  Left, steel shell before sandbags were added, right, after sandbags were packed around the steel shell.  The steel shell left was probable placed in the hole underground and then concrete poured over the shell and steps added.